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About Us

Cindy and Charles Kildgore: Owners

Cindy and Charles Kildgore purchased Camp Mountain Lake to preserve the beautiful and rustic camp that had brought so many great memories to those who had attended in their youth. Charles had been a counselor in training in the 70's and once he introduced the area to Cindy, she immediately fell in love with the property. Anyone who loves being out in nature and enjoying what it has to offer will love spending time at CMLR. We have worked hard to keep its original charm and also bring in updates that allow you to feel that you are enjoying the comforts of home.


Cindy is a Nurse who has retired from one job and is now working on the next chapter, Camp Mountain Lake Retreats!She has spent over 40 years in the health industry and is ready to enjoy her love of nature, gardening, and decorating in this little spot of heaven. Charles has been an entrepreneur his whole life. He was figuring out how to sell golf balls from a re-worked cigarette vending machine as a child! He owned several adventures including furniture warehousing and selling. He is not only the owner of this property but has placed many hours of sweat equity into the preservation of the buildings and land.  

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